World's Smartest
Mobile & Stationary Fast EV Charger

ChargeWheel's patented fast chargers integrate battery storage
and DC fast charging into a single easy to deploy unit

Battery Integrated Ultrafast Stationary DC Charger

Our patented Fast Chargers enables EV charging networks to deploy battery storage combined with ChargeWheel's fast charging technology.

Battery Integrated Ultrafast Mobile DC Charger

Our patented Mobile Fast Charger enables on-demand charging, emergency charging and fleet charging.

Fully Integrated Hardware + Software Solution

ChargeWheel EV Charging Platform

ChargeWheel's patented software and hardware makes it easy for fleet and network operators to deploy multiple chargers.

Fleet Optimized

ChargeWheel's software + hardware platform for EV charging is optimized for fleet operators. Using our online web dashboard fleet operators get a 360 predictive view of their charging needs.

Mobile & Stationary

Whether you need temporary on-site mobile charging or permanent stationary chargers installed on your property. ChargeWheel has got you covered.

Scalable Battery Storage

Our patented mobile & stationary EV chargers are pre-integrated with modular and scalable battery storage. Batteries can be charged with the grid and solar.

Charger Management Dashboard

ChargeWheel's web dashboard enables fleet and network operators to get a 360 view of their EV charging needs and up to date status.

Charger to Grid

ChargeWheel stationary EV chargers are able to sell stored energy back to the grid if needed.

Integrated Advertising

Our stationary chargers are pre-integrated with a large advertising screen, network operators can generate revenue by selling energy and ads.

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